Letting go of negative feelings

Caroline was very professional, and provided lots of detail beforehand about how hypnotherapy works and whether it would be suitable for me. Since the appointment with her, I think about myself a lot more; I know what I am and am not comfortable with, and am able to let go of negative feelings easily. I also have a different outlook on stressful situations and can now put myself first rather than worry about others’ opinions. I feel like I’ve regained confidence in myself and know exactly who I am and what I can achieve. I trust my gut feeling and automatic decisions a lot more now. Rather than trying to rationalise why I feel a certain way I just embrace this. Through hypnotherapy I’ve learnt that my subconscious is always present and helping me, and that I should really listen to myself rather than others. I would definitely do it again. Caroline provides such a valuable service – I would recommend anyone to have a session.” (NJ)