A 10-year problem solved in 1 hour

I saw Caroline to work on my comfort eating. I had been trying to deal with the symptoms of the problem over 10 years, trying to build better habits, but without much success. It was causing potential health problems, and not controlling the habits was causing worse mental and emotional problems. I went to Caroline almost as a last resort, not entirely believing hypnotherapy would work. I had one session lasting an hour, and we got right down to exactly why I was comfort eating. Since then, instead of struggling with impulses to eat sugary foods, I have no interest in them at all. I feel happier and more effective, as I am not wasting energy and headspace on trying to be ‘good’; I am also feeling healthier. Caroline created a sympathetic, non-judgemental and calm environment, made me feel comfortable, and explained the whole process so I knew what to expect. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” (DH)