Stopping smoking – for good!

Stoptober runs each October, encouraging participants to quit smoking. The concept comes from evidence showing that after stopping smoking for 28 days, smokers are up to five times more likely to quit permanently. With this mass event providing external support, now is the perfect time to explore how hypnotherapy can help.

Stopping smoking by forming new habits

A successful smoking cessation programme tackles the obvious elements such as overcoming cravings and adopting new healthier habits. And it deals with potentially more tricky areas such as managing stress, needing a break from work, or getting a little ‘me time’. For many, smoking forms part of their social identity, which may require some gentle disentangling.

Smoking is not a nicotine addiction; it is a habit. This is why nicotine patches and nicotine gum are successful in less than 10% of those who use them. Helping smokers to stop seeing themselves as slaves to addiction is the first step. Then they are more likely to come up with positive solutions to help themselves break the habit. This can be one of the most transformative moments in a hypnotherapy programme. The former smoker starts to feel their own empowerment, and begins to cut the conscious and unconscious ties to smoking.

Many smokers worry about gaining weight after stopping smoking, and it’s important to address such concerns. Replacement behaviours can be tested and reinforced during a hypnotherapy programme, reassuring the former smoker that they really have stopped for good.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Smokers are rarely short of reasons why they want to give up. A good hypnotherapist will reinforce these motivations whilst giving them the support and practical tools they need to beat the habit. The cost of a smoking cessation programme is small in proportion to the outlay on cigarettes, so those looking to quit now really have nothing to lose – and everything to gain. For those who want to start right away and are happy with a generic programme, I recommend this.

I am a qualified life coach and hypnotherapist, experienced in helping clients make the changes they want in their lives (see my success stories). And I can help you move forward too, whether in stopping smoking or other life changes. I am based in Canterbury and London; and also offer online sessions, wherever in the world you may be. Please feel welcome to call me on 07947 475721 for a free no-obligation 15 minute phone consultation to see how I can help you beat cigarettes – for good.

Originally published in Hypnotherapy Directory