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People often compare the state of generalised anxiety to being on constant ‘red alert’.

It feels as if there is an immediate ‘threat’ out there. You are constantly on the look out, even though you don’t know what you are looking for, or what you will do if you find it. It’s as if your ‘danger sensor’ has been set to trip at too low a point. Everything starts to feel threatening.

Generalised anxiety disorder is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists who are experts in anxiety treatment. From the very first time you listen to it, you will notice that you

  • feel more relaxed than you have felt in a long time or ever
  • experience a growing sense of calm in your mind and body
  • begin to develop a new perspective in your mind
  • find it easier to deal with what needs to be dealt with
  • become more able to set concerns aside and enjoy life
  • learn how to prevent excessive worry from returning

This hypnosis download is provided by Uncommon Knowledge, the world’s largest provider of hypnotherapy training and resources.  All audio downloads are created by experienced hypnotherapists and psychologists with expertise in the relevant fields. If it doesn’t do what you wanted however, a full no-quibble refund is offered within 90 days of purchase.