Hypnosis for insomnia

Do you long for a decent night’s sleep? Do you lie awake each night with your brain going round in circles? Do you nod off in the day because you are not sleeping enough? If so, you may be suffering with insomnia. This condition is becoming increasingly common in our modern lives, as we work and play ever harder. So if insomnia is affecting you, what can you do to resolve it?

The physical and mental benefits of sleep

Sleep is more valuable than many people realise. Not only does it help to recharge our physical energy, but allows the body – and mind – to heal from the previous day. Without proper sleep, our bodies do not function so efficiently. Over a period, this can lead to significant mental, physical, and emotional problems. Sleep problems are something that many people feel that they have no control over. However, it is possible to break the cycle, and regain a proper sleeping pattern again.

So how would life be different if you could get back into a sensible sleeping routine? How much healthier and happier would you feel, knowing that you are sleeping properly? What would it feel like to manage the stress that keeps you awake at night?

Returning to sleep naturally

Hypnosis can help, as it is connected with the part of your mind that holds your beliefs, habits and behaviours around your sleep problems. It essentially reprogrammes this part of your brain, in order to allow you to achieve the results that you both need and desire.

During hypnotherapy, you will feel comfortable and relaxed as you start to make the necessary changes to let go of your insomnia. The natural benefits that accompany the feeling of hypnosis will also help you to manage any stress, and feel more confident and in control.

You can try improving your sleep using hypnosis with this download. However, if you would like one-to-one support which takes your individual circumstances into account, I am a qualified hypnotherapist who has resolved insomnia for many of my clients (see my success stories). I also educate insomniacs on sleep hygiene, in order to help you take control on a practical level and enhance your success. I am based in Canterbury and London; and also offer online sessions, wherever in the world you may be. Please feel welcome to call me on 07947 475721 for a free no-obligation 15 minute phone consultation to see how I can help.

Just imagine how you will feel once you can awaken fit and ready to make the most of each day – and the rest of your life.

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