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It’s now officially estimated that 5% of all deaths worldwide are attributable to alcohol – that’s 1 in every 20 people, enough to sober anyone up. If you feel like you’d like to have greater control over your drinking, good news – it’s currently Go Sober for October, where you can raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support as well as giving your body a significant health boost. But what if you know that you’ll just go straight back to your old ways with a large one once midnight strikes on November 1st?

A number of my clients admit that they drink more than they would like, usually as a response to stressful life conditions. That this is a socially accepted norm makes matters worse in some respects – it can become a habit to the extent that a glass (or more) of wine becomes indelibly associated with winding down after work, and eventually becomes a nightly fixture. However, this can quickly lead to problems which not only affect you physically, but mentally too. For example, did you know the impact that drinking has on your sleep? Many think that alcohol helps them drop off more quickly – but while this may seem to be the case, the actual quality of sleep is poor. Alcohol affects the REM sleep cycle – when we most commonly dream – which in turn affects learning, memory, and mood. This can lead to more serious issues such as depression – compounded by the fact that alcohol is a depressant to begin with.

Like most other addictions, alcohol dependency has the ability to warp reality to the point where those affected no longer have any control. Alcoholism is a problem that can rip apart families, end careers – and as the stats now show, increasingly end lives. There are many medical downfalls associated with alcohol, and some of the social implications are just as serious. Without help, alcoholism is something that can run rampant to the point where someone loses everything that is precious to them. They see their drinking as a solution to their problems – but as it causes more problems, they have to drink more in order to keep themselves from reality. It really is a vicious cycle, leaving people feeling like a solution is impossible. This is an illusion however, which a change of mindset can reveal – and this is where hypnotherapy can help.

I have worked with people who suffer from different addictions, and find that many of these people simply need someone to help them overhaul their thinking. Learning healthier coping mechanisms and resolving unmet needs are further strategies, ensuring that hypnotherapy is a permanent solution where other efforts may have failed. If you feel like you might never be free of the urge to reach for the bottle, whether to celebrate a good day or console yourself after a bad one, consider hypnosis – it could be the decision that changes your life. I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation (07947 475721) so you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


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