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Why get a coach? If you want to make progress in life with a clear strategy, the answer may already be obvious to you. It is nearly impossible to simultaneously hold a vision, map out a path, walk that path and measure your own progress by yourself.

Those of you who have ever embarked on a project of any kind will recognise the sense of overwhelm that can sometimes take some of the excitement away from proceeding with your vision. I experienced this myself when I began as a musician. As I thought about the kinds of problems I faced, I came to understand and accept that it would always be difficult to have both an overarching view of my long term goals, a cogent understanding of my near term strategies, and a confident and simple approach to walking my daily path. Once I thought about it the reason was obvious: each of these activities requires that I adopt a different perspective. And it’s hard to be in more than one place at a time, so often I would be conducting one activity from the perspective of another. No wonder I occasionally felt confused and overwhelmed.

Coaching offers a solution by providing objective recognition, validation and reinforcement. A coach helps you to clarify your goals, test your plans against your resources and your intentions, and measure your progress. A coach asks you to live up to standards you set together. I think of the kind of business coaching and personal growth coaching which I practice as motivating – instructing, focusing, correcting and encouraging my clients to find solutions to their problems; and to achieve a fundamental way of being in the world that flows organically and authentically from who they really are.

Coaching can introduce you to the self you were meant to be. The time you invest in the coaching process will be amply repaid by your greater ability to recognise, nurture and evoke that self. Discovering our passion and purpose is vital to our joy and well-being. In our society, we tend to ignore our special talents and choose our careers according to what will give us a sense of security. Too often, however, what makes us feel safe does not fulfil us spiritually. While it may not always be possible to change your work immediately to something you love, if you follow your passion, it will often lead you there. And even when you have to earn money in ways that do not express your soul, you can seek volunteer opportunities and hobbies to express who you are. Often these can lead to the work that you will eventually do.

Your soul has a deep desire for you to express yourself in ways that brings you joy. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.


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