How to be a winner – hypnotherapy for sports performance

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The Premiership football season started this weekend (I am an Arsenal supporter, for my sins) – and whether you follow it or not, chances are you’ll be hearing about its ups and downs over the next 9 months. Humans have always been fascinated with sports, and over the years we have had sportsmen and women who have become legends in their own right. Consistent in their performance, with unmoving dedication and perseverance, these sports stars have become icons for future generations. What is it that makes these players so unbeatable? How is it that they can turn in one winning performance after the other in their preferred sport? And is it possible for you to get the winning streak, much like your revered player? The truth is that it is entirely possible for normal human beings to develop sporting genius through an ingenious process known as hypnotherapy for sports performance.

Sport is a very competitive field, and in today’s world it means big business. It is important for a player’s success that he or she is in top form all through their careers, but it is not always possible to maintain a steady performance: health problems, lack of confidence, or deviating concentration can lead to a player’s downfall. Even sporting greats like Maradona have faced problems due to dealing with the pressure of being a star sportsman. There is a lot of money being pumped into the business of sports, and most of the competing teams and players go through rigorous training and counselling before a big series. Little is known about the fact that hypnotherapy for sports performance is one of the much favoured coaching techniques which contribute to a player’s winning performance. Though hypnotherapy comes in handy while improving a player’s concentration and focus, it is not much talked about due to the misleading taboo attached to hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for sports performance is all about increasing a player’s ability to concentrate and focus on the techniques of their game. Through various methods such autosuggestion, visualisation, and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); hypnotherapy works on a subconscious level to help a player be calm in the face of tension, and give 100% concentration to their game without being distracted. The ultimate goal for any player is to win the game, and hypnotherapy for sports performance gives them the required edge. Hypnotherapy relieves stress through helping players to relax. When a person is calm their mind is clear, and they are able to focus more effectively. This allows the player to concentrate on the ultimate goal of winning. Hypnotherapy also uses the technique of visualisation to help players improve their strategy; it allows them to break their winning stroke down to the smallest part and helps them replay it in their minds over and over again. For example, a cricket player can go over his sweep shot repeatedly to memorise every move in his body while he makes it. This will enable him to perform the same shot to perfection in the future games. Hypnotherapy for sports management also helps players to anticipate beforehand the moves made by the opponent’s team, so that they can devise new strategies to handle these situations.

Hypnotherapy for sports management is useful in a variety of games – from golf to cricket, from baseball to tennis; it has the ability to hone your sporting technique effectively. I have dealt with a number of players in my career, and the effects of hypnotherapy on them are striking. Gone are the mental blocks that once held them back, now that they are more confident of themselves and their game. And nothing could provide a person with the X factor required for winning a game, than a belief in oneself that they can do it!

If you want to take your game to the next level, I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation (07947 475721). I am based in London UK, but can work with you wherever in the world you may be. Let me help you be the best!


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