8 surprising things you can do through hypnosis – and why you’d want to

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You’re probably aware of the power of hypnotherapy for stopping smoking, or for weight loss. Maybe you’ve heard how hypnosis can even help you explore past lives, but there are some things hypnosis can help you do that might surprise you…

1. Learn a new skill – or enhance an existing one. It all starts in the mind; and athletes and performers alike know the power of mental practice to help with motivation, self-confidence, and reducing competitive anxiety. What the mind can believe the mind can achieve – and visualising yourself undertaking your chosen skill can forge a strong subconscious path to start you on your way.

2. Enjoy foods you avoid. Greens are healthy, and wholegrain bread is better for you than white. But what if you just don’t like the taste? A little hypnosis might change this, though if your resistance persists, check for an allergy. Sometimes your body just knows.

3. End cravings or addictions. The reverse of #2, this helps you turn down brownies, stop drinking so much, or even say goodbye to unhealthy relationships.

4. Enjoy public speaking. Being an effective speaker can boost your career in your company, your industry, and beyond. Once reticent clients are surprised at the changes in themselves – and the benefits they reap. As quitting smoking stops you draining money, becoming a good speaker puts money in the bank.

5. Exercise longer, stronger, and more efficiently. Hypnosis can help turn your lack of enthusiasm for working out into get up and go. Ask yourself: ‘What would exercising give me? What would it make possible in my life?’ A powerful motivational story for your subconscious can make it so desirable that you can’t wait to shop for running shoes.

6. Attract your life partner. You think finding the person of your dreams is about mesmerising him or her? Not at all – start with yourself. Hypnosis for confidence, sex appeal, or immediate rapport gives you a feeling you’ve never had before; and that sense of self is very appealing to others. Try it out.

7. Get more done in less time. It’s not all about organising your files or upgrading your technology. Productivity, effectiveness, and enjoying what you do all start in the mind. And specifically, in your subconscious mind.

8. Locate lost objects. If you were the one who put something away, or you witnessed it being put away, hypnosis might help – even if the incident was years ago. Try it and see what happens.

Hypnosis, in a clinical setting (as opposed to stage hypnosis for entertainment) is usually used to create or break habits. These are habits of thought or action. Grabbing the next crisp, and the next, and the next – without even noticing you’re doing it – is a habit of action. But that action may have been due to a habit of thought. Perhaps you were focusing on a painful, sad, or angry thought or an unfulfilled desire and wanted to distract yourself. And you found that a tasty food could do that for you temporarily.

A conscious motive? Maybe. But it’s often unconscious. You may not realize why you’re reaching for the crisps. You’d probably say ‘I like the taste’ or ‘I’m just hungry and I can’t take a break now.’

Hypnosis is ideal for working for working with the subconscious mind. The process of being hypnotised is a very pleasant, relaxing, and empowering one. Clients often say they feel healthier, more alive, and committed to their lives after a session. They can’t believe they could alter their minds to be so rested and optimistic after merely sitting on a chair for an hour, listening to someone say some words to them.

If you have an issue you think can be addressed by hypnosis, I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. Give me a call on 07947 475721 to sample this ancient art and science, and see what it can do for you.


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